Summer Mini-Break Motoring Tips

We British are great opportunists, and we often take advantage of Britain’s hit and miss days of heat to go on a mini-break.


While images of kiss-me-quick hats and fish and chips may rekindle the British summer of yesteryear, perhaps lines of cars clogging up seaside towns is more accurate today.

Heat Hassle

The summer holiday season can mean pleasant temperatures but even hotter tempers. Vehicles, like people, are prone to heat and can raise the risks of accidents. Worn out tyres are far more likely to blow out at hot temperatures, while overheating, for example because of low coolant, can cause engine issues.

Tyre Preparation

As always, a good guard against unanticipated issues is preparation. Perrys recommends drivers change their cars’ tyres when the tread falls below 3mm, and well before 2mm – this is even more important before these hot summer journeys.”

Here are Perrys’ top three tips for motorists planning journeys over the summer holidays:

1) Don’t Delay Your Service

There’s never a better time for a service than before a long road trip. You may be putting it off but breaking down and having to fork out for pricey repairs is not an ideal start to your time away. It can be a false economy to delay regular car servicing, since a crucial repair or replacement is likely to outstrip paying to remedy usual wear or tear.

2) Assess Tyre Conditions

Long journeys in the heat of the day can be a major test of the durability for your tyres. Only 63% of people, in a recent AA-Populus Survey, bothered assessing their tyre condition, examining tread depth or checking for cuts and bulges. If you’re loading up luggage into your car for a weekend away, are you sure your tyres are up to the extra strain? Not monitoring pressures – which your handbook may advise should be higher if you have a full car load – and looking out for worn tyres – could lead to an unforseen blowout mid journey.

3) Clean The Windscreen

One of the complaints that drivers make in the late summer is how glare from the sun’s rays can hinder their view while motoring along. Respondents in the AA’s latest survey revealed over a third (34%) of drivers don’t clean their vehicle’s windscreens before long road journeys. This could be a dangerous oversight. Smears or marks on the windscreen, outside and in, can boost glare from the sun – in the worst cases leading to crashes.  Also, make sure your windscreen wipers are in good condition and ensure the screenwash is topped up, too.