TomTom City Extends To More Cities

TomTom City – a traffic portal that provides live traffic and travel information – has now extended to 50 cities worldwide, including Manchester and Glasgow in the UK.


The portal showcases the extensive range of traffic information available on a city by city basis and provides a platform to connect traffic authorities, businesses and drivers to jointly manage mobility.


TomTom City launched in April this year with 25 cities – including London.  It has so far proved popular, with Istanbul receiving the most visits overall. The addition of 25 further cities means that over 30 million more people can now benefit from the service from as far afield as Johannesburg to Oslo to Melbourne.


Ralf-Peter Schäfer, Head of Traffic at TomTom, said: “It’s great to extend TomTom City to a further 25 cities, giving even more drivers and traffic managers essential insights into the real-time traffic situation. This is a further step in our mission to help reduce delays for all drivers and paving the way to smarter cities. Using data from over 450 million devices globally we are creating services that will help cities and connected cars work together to optimise the road network for everyone.”

Connected Vehicles

As the number of connected vehicles on the road increases over the coming years with the emergence of semi- and highly-automated driving, TomTom City will offer new ways to manage city mobility. Drivers and professionals involved in traffic management can make smarter decisions to avoid delays on the road and reduce congestion for everyone.