Get Connected Before Your Summer Road Trip

KIA Picanto Car.

Families hitting the road this holiday season are being urged to get their car connected before they head off, via a simple plug in device from Smartdriverclub – the UK’s first connected car service for used cars.


Connectivity basically gets the car talking so that Smartdriverclub can tell the driver if the battery’s running low or if another fault is emerging. It can also tell their recovery operator exactly where they are located if they breakdown, or it can tell emergency services within minutes of an accident occurring.

Peace of Mind

Penny Searles, of Smartdriverclub, said: “The summer break should be a time for making the most of the sunshine and heading out on a daytrip to the seaside or loading up the car ready for a camping holiday, but a breakdown can put a stopper in those plans. But now, Smartdriverclub can help older cars benefit from connectivity and drivers will be safe in the knowledge that assistance is there if they need it.”


Smartdriverclub is a completely unique membership service for motorists driving vehicles that have been registered in or since 2008, helping those with older cars get connected. Membership provides drivers with over 10 safety and money saving features from accident alerts to theft tracking.

In Control

“Packing the car for a family holiday is stressful enough – no-one wants the nightmare of being stranded having broken down or a holiday that’s had a false start because the battery’s dead,” said Penny Searles. “Membership of Smartdriverclub puts motorists in control, offering valuable peace of mind at one of the busiest times of year on the road.”