Betty Is Most Popular Car Name

One in five motorists who own a car christen their vehicle with a name, according to recent research.


Women are marginally more likely to give their car a title than men. And people aged 55 and over are half as likely to name their vehicle as the national average.

Top 10

The top 10 most popular car names are:

1. Betty
2. Betsy
3. Lucy
4. Herbie
5. Bob
6. Sally
7. Bessie
8. Daisy
9. Foxy
10. Pablo


Other less traditional vehicle names include Frapuchini, Frugal, Gladys, Hoopla, Lord Thaodin of Rohan, Nooka the Nook, Snozzles, Custard and Toadzilla.


Most people (20%) name their car based on the letters and numbers on their number plate – men (26%) are almost twice as likely as women (15%) to use their car’s number plate as inspiration for its name.


Marginally fewer (18%) car owners name their motor after its colour, and less than one in 10 (8%) name it after a film or book character.


Finally, one in 10 says they name their car after a celebrity or famous person – interestingly, men (16%) are more than three times as likely to name their motor after a well-known personality as women (5%).