Renault Kangoo Panel Vans Make A Splash

One of the most efficient water companies in England and Wales is using the Renault Kangoo to provide a service to its 2.7 million customers across the South West of England.


Wessex Water has taken delivery of 25 Renault Kangoo Panel Vans, the leading water company now having a total of 150 examples of the versatile French van on its fleet.


In its work to provide household and business customers across Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, the majority of Wiltshire and parts of Gloucestershire and Hampshire with water and sewerage services, Wessex Water will use its new Renault Kangoos in the completion of essential site surveys and callouts by its scientists, water samplers and inspectors.

Renault Partner

Wessex Water’s previous experience of the Renault Kangoo – the company being a long term partner of Renault – and the vehicle’s impressive whole life costs were key factors in the company’s decision to once again invest in the versatile LCV. Other influences were the Kangoo’s comprehensive standard specification and the excellent support that Wessex Water has received from the manufacturer and its dealer network in the time it has operated Renault vehicles.

Perfect Fit

Martin Crocker, Head of Fleet, Wessex Water, said: “The Kangoo is a perfect fit for our needs and when its whole life costs, payload and efficiency are taken into consideration, it continues to provide us with an excellent package at a very competitive price.

“Feedback from everyone who drives them is very good and the high level of standard equipment has been particularly well received. With our previous experience of the Kangoo, we also know that the vans will provide us with the reliability that we insist on, our Kangoos being on the road 24/7 and any downtime having a major impact on our operations.”