Innovative Ad Campaign For New Renault Mégane

Renault has unveiled an innovative advertising campaign for the All-New Renault Mégane by targeting drivers, whilst stationary at traffic lights, with customised messages using pioneering vehicle recognition technology.


The unique campaign, featuring the French car brand’s all-new compact family hatchback, is based on the popular car journey game, I-Spy.


The vehicle recognition technology uses cameras facing stationary traffic to identify the make, model and colour of vehicles from their number plates and then serves the driver and passengers messages based on specific audience demographics and data relevant to that vehicle.


The state-of-the-art vehicle recognition technology activates when a specific vehicle is stationary at the location, allowing the messages to be displayed in real-time. All vehicle details are matched with an anonymised vehicle specification database that does not store or record any personal data.


Colette Casey, of Renault UK, said: “The technology really pushes the boundaries, enabling us to showcase the All-New Mégane in an engaging and unique way, versus the rest of our extensive outdoor campaigns.

“Our aspirations are not only about showing a stylish image of the All-New Mégane, but to speak to customers in a fun and friendly way, which we are doing through one of the UK’s most popular car journey games –  I Spy.

“What is also particularly clever about vehicle recognition technology is that it allows us to speak directly to drivers, something we haven’t been able to do before in roadside out of home advertising.”