New Special Edition SEAT Mii To Be Created

SEAT and Hearst Magazines International have partnered to create a special limited edition of the Mii, the carmaker’s urban utility vehicle.


The new Mii by COSMOPOLITAN is being co-created by SEAT designers with Cosmopolitan editors and readers. The new car will be revealed on 15 September in London at Cosmopolitan’s #FashFest, the five-day consumer-focused festival of fashion which puts the reader firmly on the front row.


SEAT and Cosmopolitan, the best-selling young women’s magazine in the world, began collaborating in early 2015, when the publication joined SEAT to develop a car that connects with modern women. Over the course of 18 months, Cosmopolitan’s global creative team, regional editors and readers from across Europe, have provided input and feedback to shape the design of car. Ideas and recommendations from the Cosmopolitan brand will continue throughout the collaboration.

Feminine Car

SEAT global Marketing director Susanne Franz has underscored: “The Mii by COSMOPOLITAN is being designed to meet women’s needs in terms of daily usage. This new car will go beyond aesthetics, it is a functional vehicle where the design has a purpose. Cosmopolitan contributed to transforming the role of women in society and the Mii by COSMOPOLITAN aims to establish a fresh perspective on cars. The agreement struck with the world’s largest magazine brand for women gives us the opportunity to launch our most feminine car. The Mii by COSMOPOLITAN is a tribute to the modern woman”.


Kim St. Clair Bodden, senior Vice-President, editorial director of Hearst Magazines International, says:“Cosmopolitan is the biggest, most powerful young women’s brand in the world, engaging and inspiring our readers to achieve the fun, fearless lives they want. It has been incredibly rewarding to design the new Mii with all the bells and whistles that really personalise the driving experience, and I am looking forward to its unveiling at Cosmopolitan’s #FashFest in London in September”.


The Mii by COSMOPOLITAN fully connects with the values of both brands and will appeal to young and young-spirited women who are interested in fashion and beauty, who strive for success, have active, fulfilling lives and know who they are and what they want. This special limited edition picks up where the highly successful SEAT Mii by MANGO launched in 2014 left off.