Choosing A Company Car Is A Family Affair

The husbands, wives and children of Britain’s company car drivers play a crucial role in selecting their vehicles, according to new research.

On The Road

The study demonstrates just how much Brits, whose jobs require them to spend time on the road, take their family’s opinions into consideration when making up their minds on a new set of wheels.


When asked who they consult with when choosing a company car, nearly half of drivers said their partner is their first port of call – a quarter of men seek their wife’s opinions (39 per cent) and over half of women (51 per cent) chat through options with their husbands.


Meanwhile, in around one in seven households (15 per cent), children get a say – with many of those surveyed claiming their kids’ opinions matter most.

Men and Women

In general, men seek fewer opinions than women, with 11 per cent claiming they don’t consult anyone at all. Conversely, more than a third of women (35 per cent) ask for opinions from as many people as possible, even probing colleagues and friends about what they think.


The research also reveals the role of a company car outside the ‘nine to five’. On average, corporate vehicles are used for 55 minutes a day for non-work purposes. Nearly half of company car drivers take children to and from school (47 per cent) in their ‘work wheels’, while almost three quarters (73 per cent) ferry their kids to social occasions and sports practice every week.