Generation Y Drivers Have Worst Driving Habits

Teenagers are often perceived as being the most irresponsible and riskiest drivers on UK roads, but according to a new poll, it’s Generation Y drivers who have the worst driving habits.


The poll canvassed 21,741 AA members on bad driving habits, and younger drivers, aged 25-34, came out as the biggest offenders in 11 out of 12 bad driving habits. Almost nine out of ten (87 per cent) drivers in this age group admitted to frequently braking hard or too late, while 71 per cent said they tailgate, driving too close to the driver in front, and 87 per cent said they have driven while tired.


And, 87 per cent of those Generation Y drivers polled, who are considered more tech savvy than most, having grown up in a world surrounded by technology, said they frequently fiddled with in-car technology, such as radios, bluetooth phones and sat navs, while at the wheel.

Speed Limit

Across all age groups, breaking the speed limit was, not surprisingly, the most common problem, with 89 per cent of drivers polled confessing to breaking the speed limit during the past 12 months. More than a quarter (26 per cent) of respondents said they break the speed limit every week.


Mark Shankland, of AA Tyres – the organisation behind the poll – comments: “It seems Britain’s Millennial motorists could learn a thing or two from their elders when it comes to etiquette and safe driving. They were the worst offenders for tailgating, being distracted by technology, braking too late and driving while tired, which put themselves and other road users in unnecessary danger.

“However, we all seem to be guilty of these bad habits in different measures but it is worrying to see the majority of those polled often admit to speeding. It’s even more worrying when you consider that there are thousands of motorists out there who are not only driving fast and erratically, but are doing so with sub-standard or illegal tyres, that could turn their vehicle into a potential death trap.”