Set your new car up for the catwalk with these 7 photography tips

Imagine: after leaving the dealership and making it home without a scratch, your new car just sits on driveway, unnoticed until you take it out again. We can’t have that now, can we?

When you buy a new car from Perrys, we want you to be proud of your investment – to shout it from the rooftops! So, what better way to show off your latest toy than taking a couple of awesome snaps that will make all of your friends green with envy?

But how can you use this photo to announce your purchase to the world? Will a quick-pic on your iPhone really be good enough? Don’t worry. We’ve got some experience in making cars look their best, so follow our advice and you’ll have the perfect picture in no time!

7 photography tips to get the perfect picture

1. Study your car

Before you start taking pictures, study your car. Walk round it, look for interesting angles and shots you could create. Find features of the car that could be highlighted and remember them for later.

2. Background

Setting and location are important for achieving an interesting and unusual shot. Use this opportunity to take your new car on a long drive and scout the perfect location for your shoot. Find a location that suits your car – don’t take your pristine new sports car down a muddy forest track, and don’t take your off-roader into the city.

Position your car so that obstructions like street lamps, rubbish bins and power lines are no longer visible. See if you can do it in an area with a low footfall – you don’t want anyone disrupting your photo-shoot!

3. Composition

Any photographer will tell you that composition is important, but have you ever wondered what it actually means? Composition defines the way in which the subject of the photograph is displayed. It should be placed in an engaging and interesting position that will intrigue your friends and followers on social media.

A cheats’ guide to composition:
If you’re not sure about where to put your car, think of the ‘rule of thirds’. The subject (in this case a car) should go where the lines cross on a 3×3 grid, not within the central rectangle like most people think.

4. Angle and point of view

Just shooting at eye level is boring. Remember those interesting angles you found in step one? Try shooting from those positions instead. Stand on a chair or wall and shoot the car from above, or crouch down and take a picture from below. By playing with angles and viewpoints, you will create dynamic images without having to mess around with cars in motion.

5. Reflections

One of the main reasons it’s hard to take photographs of cars is that they’re made out of glass and reflective materials. Getting a shot without accidentally taking a picture of yourself is harder than you’d think. Pay attention to how the light is reflecting off the car and position yourself accordingly. Use a polariser to help reduce reflections and you’ll get a clean, crisp shot. Getting it right will take time but, allowing for a bit of trial and error, you’ll get the shot you need.

6. Lighting

Unless you’re making a new career out of photographing cars, you’ll be using ‘natural light’ to illuminate your car. Surprisingly, shooting in overcast conditions normally brings better results than a hot sunny day. It enables each section of the car to be similarly exposed throughout your shoot. Of course, a strategically-placed white sheet and camera flash or other bright light can be used to mix things up a bit.

7. Depth of field

Don’t worry – we won’t get too technical. Just remember this: the car is the subject of the photo, so it makes sense to use a shallower depth to isolate it. Simply adjust the aperture to let more light in – this will focus in on the subject, while the background will begin to soften in tone.

The most important thing to do when taking pictures of your car is to experiment. Photos are free, so take your time and play with the different settings until you get the shot you want. Once you’ve got that perfect picture, upload it to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – whatever takes your fancy – so that your friends can also be dazzled by your new car (and your new-found photography skills).

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Get on down to your local Perrys dealership and get set to take a picture with your new car!