Feisty Fiat Fullback Launched

Fiat Professional’s new Fullback pickup truck has been launched to the international media in Turin, and Perrys motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, was in Italy to drive it.

The Name

Engineered to meet the broad needs of business users  – both professional and recreational – the new Fiat Professional Fullback has been named after one of the fundamental playing positions in rugby or American football. The moniker is intended to describe how the pickup, like the sportsman, is intelligent and adaptable – and capable of dealing with any situation.

Behind The Wheel

The Fiat Professional Fullback is surprisingly capable of weaving through busy city traffic or thundering along highways. It picks up pace quickly and the brakes scrub off speed very efficiently. But the most surprising thing is that the Fullback has very little body lean – even when chucked fairly hard around corners. The Fiat will run wide if you try and drive it like a sports car, and it can feel heavy, but it really is very car-like in every other respect.


Once clear of Turin’s busy suburbs we tackled a muddy, rocky, off-road woodland trail. But before we left tarmac, we spun the Fullback’s rotary dial from two-wheel-drive to 4×4 mode. This turns the Italian motor into a limpet. Not only does the Fullback handle slippery sludge, loose gravel and wood chips, the suspension soaks up potholes and glides over rocks with ease.


Fiat’s Fullback will seat five-up at a push – or four-up in comfort. It can also cart a maximum payload of 1,045kg. That’s only 5kg less than the Mitsubishi L200 it’s modelled on.

New Venture

The Fullback is the Italian motor manufacturer’s first venture into Europe’s contemporary mid-size commercial pick-up marketplace. Fiat only produces the more diminutive Strada in the Americas.


Available with all-wheel drive, as standard on all versions, the Fiat Fullback starts at £20,995 in SX trim. The high-spec LX manual is priced from £22,995, while the flagship LX automatic is priced from £24,395 (all prices exclude VAT and on the road charges).

The all-new Fullback will be available to order in the UK from 4 July 2016.