TomTom Delves Further Into Autonomous Driving

TomTom has announced the launch of its Localisation Demonstrator as part of another step towards autonomous driving.


It is a new demonstration device that leverages its HD Map and RoadDNA technology to provide lane-level localisation of a vehicle.

Autonomous Driving

The device, utilising sensors expected in autonomous vehicles, combines TomTom award winning autonomous driving content with TomTom correlation software to demonstrate the precision of the firm’s data, and the ability to perform real-time lane positioning.


“We believe that this demo enables our customers to truly experience the powerful nature of our autonomous driving products,” said Willem Strijbosch, Head of Autonomous Driving at TomTom.

“This demo not only illustrates our product innovation, but also enables us to elevate the level of engagement with our automotive partners.”


To learn more about TomTom’s autonomous driving product offering check out this video: