Increase In Calls To Automotive Industry Charity

BEN’s new annual Impact Report provides an overview of its performance and the work the charity has been doing to make a difference to the lives of people within the automotive industry.


The report highlights an increase of 81 per cent in enquiries to its dedicated helpline compared with the previous year, with more than 2700 individuals seeking help. It specifies the reasons why people contacted BEN, along with a geographical, gender and age breakdown of those supported.


BEN offers a wide range of free and confidential information, advice and guidance to help people in the automotive industry who are facing financial troubles, health problems, mental health worries or who feel alone and need someone to talk to.


Of all enquires received, more than 79 per cent were from people of working age, and 75 per cent were male. The information also suggests a North/South divide, with a far higher proportion of cases coming from the Midlands, and the North of the country, reflecting the stronger automotive manufacturing presence in these areas.


David Main, CEO at BEN, said: “This information is extremely valuable, both to BEN and to our supporters, helping them to stay informed about BEN’s work. The increase in the number of people we have supported not only highlights the real need for our services but allows us to understand the reasons why people reach out to us, helping us to accurately predict how we can support others in the future.”