Check Out Hyundai’s UEFA EURO 2016 FanDome

Hyundai Motor UK has launched a one-of-a-kind, innovative, FanDome experience in King’s Cross, London, which will host 45,000 guests across UEFA EURO 2016. Fans across the country are encouraged to apply for free tickets for the chance to experience football like never before through a world-first live reactive 360-degree audio-visual experience.


The Hyundai FanDome instantly reacts in real time to the action in live matches with everything from goals scored, red and yellow cards, penalty shootouts, national anthems and even injury time triggering a unique immersive audio-visual response.

Giant Screens

A system of giant 360-degree screens surrounds the entire interior of the FanDome. Four metres high and the length of a football pitch (91 metres), this custom built display encloses fans in ‘Football Heaven’ – a stylised world of football. Innovative 16-projector display screens made up of 36.8 Mega Pixels will also allow fans to see every blade of French grass on every pitch.

Vinnie Jones

The ‘Football Heaven’ features renowned actor and former Wales international player Vinnie Jones and his on screen team of cherubs. The humorous animations are intended to raise anticipation ahead of each match, opening the gates of ‘Football Heaven’ and reacting to key match moments. Fans can glimpse cherubs wheeling in cannons and playing tubas as they celebrate live match successes and see them hiding in the clouds to avoid the Grim Reaper if a red card is shown.


For each match there is a team of five technical experts delivering the live reactive audio-visual elements. Visitors are given infrared LED wristbands in key matches that are stimulated by live elements in the game, according to which team they are supporting. In certain matches a scent of cut grass is dispersed throughout the FanDome, giving visitors the ultimate ‘Football Heaven’ experience.


Vinnie Jones comments, “It’s the next best place to watch the Euros if you can’t be there in person. What Hyundai has done here with the creation of the FanDome is really innovative and puts the fans first. I’m always keen to give back and continue to be involved in a sport I’m so passionate about. I’d encourage all football fans to come down and see me in action in the Hyundai FanDome’s ‘Football Heaven’.”


Tony Whitehorn, President & CEO, Hyundai Motor UK comments, “We are thrilled to be able to put fans first and share their passion for the sport by creating this innovative and unique football experience. We hope that for those who can’t get to France, this will be the best place to experience the matches. The Hyundai FanDome is a celebration of our long standing partnership with football and marks our official support of UEFA EURO 16.”