Do dash-cams help keep us safe on the road?

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand for the last five years, you’ll have seen the collection of dash-cam videos that populate a large portion of the internet. The near misses, the confrontations and even the collisions are all caught on that tiny camera, and the best are put up online for the whole world to see.

While it’s true that a video of you pottering along country lanes would be unlikely to gain many hits on YouTube, installing a dash-cam can help you in several ways, especially if you have an accident.

What is a dash-cam?

A dash-cam is pretty much what it says on the tin – it’s a camera that’s mounted to your dashboard (or windscreen). It records all the time. Your trips to school, long road trips to the South of France and even when your car is parked. This way you can have video evidence of any accidents, collisions or reckless driving.

What can a dash-cam do for me?

First things first, it can save you money! Got your attention now, haven’t we? Some UK insurance providers give you a 10-15% discount on your premium just for installing a camera on your dashboard. For a camera that costs as little as £60, it’s really worth your while.

Next, a dash-cam can be useful if you have an accident (or someone has an accident that involves your car). The camera can prove whether you’re at fault or not whether you’re driving along or parked safely in a multi-storey. As most damage happens to your car in carparks, it may be wise to keep your dash-cam on at all times; if someone bumps into your car and ‘forgets’ to leave a note, your dash-cam will have a record of what happened so you can claim on insurance.

On the topic of insurance, the dash-cam can be instrumental in establishing liability with any insurance claims concerning your vehicle. This is useful both in cases where you have collided with an object, and where there is another car or individual involved.

But don’t worry, dash-cams aren’t just for the bad stuff – they can capture good aspects of your driving too! If you’re a driving enthusiast and you take part in track rallies, processions and conventions, the dash-cam is a great investment that records those events so you can look back and enjoy the moment all over again. It’s the same if you go on a road trip – you can record the changing landscape, and always have a memento of that holiday.

Dash-cams are also useful for young drivers – if Mum and Dad are a bit unsure about you going out on your own, get a dash-cam so you can reassure them with your driving ability. And when combined with the built in GPS system that often comes with dash-cams, your parents needn’t worry about you getting lost either!

The best thing about a dash-cam recording 24-7, however, is that it captures the unexpected events. Maybe you drive past an exciting event, or there’s some unexpected natural phenomena. You’ll have it all on film! Recently in Russia a number of drivers captured the Chelyabinsk meteor on their dash-cams, and they have this unique moment on film forever.

As you can see, dash-cams aren’t just a useful safety device, they can also commemorate key moments in your car. As a car-owner, there is nothing to be lost by investing in a dash-cam, but there is a lot to be gained.

Go to your local dealer to find out about our new cars, and don’t forget to install your dash-cam before you set off!