Fiat Spider Review

The Fiat Spider first took to our roads fifty years ago, and Fiat have decided to celebrate by bringing it back for the anniversary. So what’s changed in the last half-century?


When looking at this car, you can tell it takes its inspiration from the sixties Spider. The wide front grill and the sleek lines boast a sense of class and elegance not often seen in modern vehicles.

This legendary two seater convertible sports car has a body defined by its Italian heritage, and has that European flair that turns heads wherever it goes.
It’s available in 8 different colours, a mix of solids, metallic and even a tri-coat, so you’re bound to find the perfect Fiat Spider for you. If you get the limited edition 124 model, it’s also available in ‘Passione Red’, but be quick! There are only 124 being sold in the UK.

Many of the elements under the hood are similar to the Mazda MX-5, but the luxurious Italian exterior is what really sets it apart. It may not be as taut and dynamic as the Mazda, but the sleek lines certainly make this car much more grown up, a sports car for the adults, so to speak.


The Fiat Spider’s interior echoes the stylish exterior, but is also designed so that the driver is in complete control of their vehicle at all times – ensuring the perfect driving experience for both you and your passengers.

Relax back into the low-slung drivers seats that give you great support from all angles so you can enjoy every bend without slipping round the cabin when you get to those top speeds.
The smooth leather steering wheel, the refined inserts on the dash and the brushed metal details dotted around the car, all contribute to the stylishness of this car. The dashboard is clear and devoid of any ungainly buttons because most of the car is controlled by the 7” touchscreen on the console.

This brings us to the Infotainment system, controlled by that same touchscreen, it allows you a variety of options that will make sure you don’t get bored on those long journeys. The interface is extremely user friendly and gives the driver complete control of the car’s systems including 3D maps/navigation, DAB radio and the Bose sound system with nine speakers that come with it, 4 of which are integrated in the headrests on your seats for that totally immersive experience. The car also has WiFi, Bluetooth, two USB ports and an AUX input. What else could you need?

On the road

The Fiat Spider combines its longitudinal front engine and rear wheel drive to make sure the car’s weight is distributed perfectly, so that each drive has an exceptional and dynamic performance. Fiat had high quality driving in mind when designing this car, and it definitely shows on the road.

This vehicle is available with a 1.4 Turbo-multiair petrol engine, that delivers 140 HP and 240 Nm of torque for excellent performance, complete driver control and exceptional fuel efficiency. The double wishbone front suspension and multilink rear suspension gives the car a sharp response on bends, perfect road holding and a great sense of stability, making it a secure drive wherever you are.

Every detail of this car is designed to ensure maximum visibility and road control. The shape of the windscreen pillars and the distinctive position of the wipers makes sure that your view is not obliterated at any point when driving this vehicle.

The LED headlights are a great feature too – they have a great AFS (Adaptive-Front-lighting System) that directs the beams into the bend so that you have great visibility whilst driving in the dark. The rain and dusk sensors control visibility in all conditions, giving you one less thing to think about so you can enjoy the Fiat Spider driving experience.

Our verdict

This car is a stylish and comfortable drive. As the driver you are in complete control at all times, even at top speeds. The Italian character of this car shines through with the powerful kick the 1.4 Turbo-multiair engine and the sleek and stylish aesthetic that harks back to the glory days of the sixties.

Even if you don’t go for the limited edition 124 Fiat Spider with some of the fancy add-ons, you’ll still get a comfortable sports car that packs a punch and definitely gives the cars in its class a run for its money.

If you think the Fiat Spider is for you, or you want to take a look at any of our other new cars, take a trip to your local Perry’s dealership, where our dealers will be happy to help find the perfect car for you.