Would You Car-Share?

Once lending someone your car keys was the ultimate symbol of trust. Now, most of us would consider offering our car to someone we don’t know as part of a car‑share.


This is among the findings of a new European survey commissioned by Ford Motor Company to better understand attitudes to car-sharing , and a whole range of possessions and services, that  form part of the growing sharing economy.


Of the 10,016 people surveyed across the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain,, up to 55 per cent would share their car for money, compared with up to 44 per cent who would share their home, up to 33 per cent who would share their mobile phone, and up to 17 per cent who would even share their dog.

Sharing Service

Most of those surveyed were also willing to drive others (77 per cent), or to transport packages (78 per cent). And the overwhelming majority were interested in using a sharing service to get around. Up to 76 per cent would ride-share, up to 73 per cent would use a parking space service, and up to 72 per cent would car-share.


“From cars to music to holidays, people are more prepared to share possessions and services than ever before. From your smartphone, you can quickly and easily borrow someone else’s designer shoes, use their lawnmower, or even walk their dog,” said Will Farrelly, user experience innovation, Ford Smart Mobility. “When it comes to mobility, sharing – whether through car-sharing, ride-sharing, or transporting packages for others – offers flexibility, a potentially more economical alternative, and can also help reduce congestion.”


Ford is currently expanding into both an auto and a mobility company; as such the company is aggressively pursuing emerging opportunities through Ford Smart Mobility – its plan to be a leader in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience, and data and analytics.

Top Sharers

Overall, the survey showed that those most likely to share their own car for money are in Spain (up to 61 per cent), compared with Italy (up to 58 per cent), France (up to 56 per cent), UK (up to 50 per cent), and Germany (up to 48 per cent). Those most likely to drive passengers for money are in France (up to 87 per cent) compared with Italy (up to 86 per cent), Germany (up to 82 per cent), Spain (up to 80 per cent), and UK (up to 59 per cent).


Men and younger people were the most likely to embrace the sharing economy, with up to 61 per cent of men prepared to offer their car for car-share services, compared with 49 per cent of women. For both men and women aged 25-34 the percentage prepared to share their own car increases to 68 per cent.


In London, Ford has established on-demand pay-as-you-go car-sharing service GoDrive with hubs across the city, each with guaranteed parking. Also, in 2015, Ford Credit ran a six-month pilot that enabled thousands of customers in the U.K. to rent out their cars to other drivers.