POD Point Has Electric Charge Solution For Nissan

Electric vehicle charging company, POD Point, has become an approved supplier of home electric vehicle charging solutions for Nissan GB.


Nissan GB has sold over 12,000 of its LEAF electric vehicles in the UK to date, making it the most popular model available in the UK today. Electric vehicles are an attractive proposition for their low running costs, superior acceleration and, not least, the tax breaks afforded by their zero CO2 output.

Easy Access

POD Point’s new status as an approved home charging unit supplier means that anyone purchasing a Nissan plug-in vehicle will be able to easily access a charge point for their home, with POD Point offering the best install experience in the country.


Edward Jones, Nissan EV Category Manager, said: “Nissan’s priority is ensuring our customers have the best ownership experience possible. With electric vehicles rapidly gaining popularity in the UK, we want to make running an EV both convenient and enjoyable. Home charging is a pivotal part of EV ownership so we’re delighted to be appointing POD Point as one of our approved HCU suppliers, to help us deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction.”


Erik Fairbairn, founder of POD Point, said “We are pleased to be working with Nissan GB to provide the best customer service and installation experience in the UK. We take pride in training and educating plug-in vehicle owners on getting the most out of their cars. There is a wave of momentum in the EV industry now as many manufacturers produce electric vehicles, and with more than 55,000 plug-in vehicles on the road in the UK already we are starting to see plug-in cars become the de facto way to drive.”