Vauxhall Adam Unlimited Review

Vauxhall Adam Car.

The Vauxhall Adam Unlimited is a great little car that’s perfect for zipping around the city. It’s an affordable micro-motor that would make an ideal starter car for new or young drivers. So, how does it match up to others in its class?


This small but stylish car is just 4m long, but its bold and confident design makes it seem much bigger. It’s the sleek lines of the Vauxhall Adam that seem to elongate such a compact car, and allow you to cruise around the city in style.

The Vauxhall Adam range comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and specifications; you can get the Jam, Glam, Slam, Energised or the Unlimited. We’ve taken a look at the latter. And, as the name suggests, you get almost unlimited personalisation options with this model.

16-inch alloy wheels come as standard. But, from there you can handpick a whole host of variables, including the style of the wheels, the colour of the body, the colour of the roof, interior trims and foils. With the Vauxhall Adam, you get the scope to personalise the car to meet your specific needs and reflect the individuality of your tastes.


As mentioned previously, personal customisation is a large bonus of the Unlimited model. Brand new optional tech features are available with this vehicle. For example, you can have a wireless charging system for your phone installed onto the dashboard to keep your navigation system juiced up, even on the most unexpected of journeys.

Pick a colour for your dashboard and matching/complimentary finishes to really make the car your own – even a sparkle finish is available if you want to give your car that added ‘wow’ factor.

Vauxhall includes cruise control, climate control, Bluetooth and USB connectivity as standard across their range, giving you a healthy package even towards the lower end of the spec chart. Vauxhall has also included the OnStar concierge service, which makes sure that the safety and security of your car are monitored at all times – even if you’re not in it! This also turns your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot with connectivity for up to seven devices, enabling the whole family to stay entertained on long drives. You’ll also benefit from Vauxhall’s Intellilink system, which makes your car both Android and Apple CarPlay compatible, making sure you have great entertainment wherever you may be.

The cabin echoes the sleek exterior, giving the front passengers plenty of room to spread out. Rear seating is adaptable to specific tasks, with seating for three passengers in the default position or extensive capacity for an additional load when folded down.

On the Road

If there was just one word that could sum this car up, it would be ‘perky’. The 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbo engine is perfect for city driving, giving you that little bit of extra kick that all drivers secretly desire.

It’s quite happy driving through urban environments thanks to the city steering mode, which increases manoeuvrability and makes steering light enough to ensure parking and tight corners are a doddle. This mode automatically disengages at 30mph to deliver a more conventional driving experience that’s better suited to higher speeds.

Ride quality is firm, and there are various selectable driving modes to tailor performance for certain road surfaces. Parking sensors complete this car’s city driving credentials, helping you to nimbly pull into the tightest of spots. All this helps the Adam blend in seamlessly with the urban jungle, giving you the confidence that you need to feel perfectly safe in the big city.

Our Verdict

The Vauxhall Adam Unlimited is a charming compact ride. But, what really sets it apart are the optional extras and personalisation opportunities that let you tailor the car to your specific tastes. It may not be as iconic as the Fiat 500, but as a small city car, you can’t go far wrong. The sense of reliability and firm handling you get with this car make it a solid option for inner-city commutes.

Pricing is highly competitive for a supermini, starting at £11,255 without the optional extras (which won’t break the bank either). Customisation will give your car bundles of character and life, making you the most exciting thing on the road. Just make sure all the changes are relevant to a broad range of people – going overboard with the customisation will drastically affect the resale value.

For more information about the Vauxhall Adam Unlimited, or any of our other new cars, visit your local Perrys dealership today!