Road Safety Body Backs Walk To School Week

Brake, the road safety charity, is encouraging families to get out of their cars and on to their feet as part of Living Streets’ Walk to School Week.

Primary Age

Half of our children are driven to school, yet the average school run for primary age children is just 1.5 miles. Average walking trips per person have decreased by 27 per cent since 1995, with walking now making up just over a fifth (22 per cent) of trips in Britain.


In that time congestion and air pollution have increased, as have our waistlines, with childhood obesity being described be experts as an epidemic. Driving a little less means there will be less harmful pollution pumped into our atmosphere and children and parents will get more exercise.


Alice Bailey, of Brake, said: Walking to school, which was once so common place, seems to be the second option for most parents nowadays. We need walking to school to become the norm once again and events such as Walk to School Week can hopefully showcase the benefits of an active start to the day rather than always jumping in the car.


Joe Irvin, Living Streets’ CEO said: “The walk to school is a free, easy and accessible way for parents and their children to achieve this. Just 46 per cent of primary school children walk to school compared with 70 per cent of their parents’ generation.”

Walk to School Week 2016 will take place this week, until 20 May. For more information visit: