Peugeot UK Media Campaign Goes Live

Peugeot UK.

A new media campaign, created by Peugeot UK, goes live tonight to promote the confidence experienced by its customers.


Promoted under a core ‘Built-In’ messaging, the campaign encourages potential customers to take a ‘closer look’, as Peugeot has confidence in its products that make them worthy of scrutiny.

Peugeot 308

The UK campaign promotes the award-winning Peugeot 308 in GT Line Specification. Launched in 2015, it accounts for a fifth of range take-up. The 308 is a car with numerous attributes; by being the lowest CO2 car in its sector, thus with the latest and best-in-class engines it is also the most economical.


The brand uniquely features the innovative i-Cockpit, which involves a compact steering wheel, high-positioned instrumentation and a colour touchscreen – all within the view looking forward. The 308’s standard specification is comprehensive and provides allure for its many advanced features and rewarding driving experience.

TV Advert

The centre-piece of this campaign is a new TV advert, produced specifically for the UK market, which challenges buyers to consider the new 308 and Peugeot as a brand. Filmed in Scotland, the advert has been produced by the UK team, to specifically address local requirements for customers buying a 308. The TV advert first goes on air tonight (Friday 13 May).


Mark Pickles, Marketing Director at Peugeot UK, commented “We have enjoyed formulating this UK campaign as we are entirely confident in the excellence of our products and simply wish to convey this sentiment to our prospective customers. Peugeot is a highly trustworthy brand and with so many virtues on offer.

“We are looking at ways to bring our products to the scrutiny of people who might otherwise be distracted by the promises of other brands when the values of what we offer are better, more valued and of higher quality. The new ad is provocative intentionally.”