Hyundai Skills For Future Winner Announced

Spot from Highcrest Academy has been awarded first place in Hyundai Motor UK’s fourth annual ‘Skills for the Future’ competition, held at its Training Academy in High Wycombe.


Over the course of the past school year, students from Cirencester College, Highcrest Academy, and Sir William Ramsey School have managed their own businesses, which they created based on the needs of the car industry. The project aims to help the students learn key skills in entrepreneurship, understanding business management and economics, plus learning how to transfer ideas into real products.


The students presented their products and business plans to the judging panel, which included Hyundai Motor UK’s President and CEO, Tony Whitehorn and the Chief Executive Co-Ordinator, Kenny Hwang along with other senior members from Hyundai. Ideas included an in-car solar gadget charger and a dashboard camera from Sir William Ramsey School, and bespoke travel pillows from Cirencester College.


Of the four participating teams, Spot was chosen by the judging panel as the overall winner. Spot’s business idea is an educational car game and smartphone app concept designed to keep children entertained during car journeys. Judges praised the simplicity and flexibility of the product – as it can be used both inside and outside of the car – and they liked how it was multi-functional, providing children with entertainment and education at the same time.

Strong Competition

Tony Whitehorn, Hyundai UK President and CEO, said: “The entries for this year’s Hyundai’s ‘Skills for the Future’ initiative were excellent, full of entrepreneurial quality and creativity. There was strong competition but the Spot team were particularly deserving of this award because of their innovative educational twist on a traditional children’s game. As well as educating children about colours and road signs, it also helps them learn about Hyundai model names. The possibilities are endless from learning to identify city landmarks within the UK to around the world.

“Skills for the Future aims to inspire new generations of young people to be more entrepreneurial and enterprising. It’s so important that we encourage students and show them how important their education is to their career. I hope that this experience stays with each of the students when they leave education and enter the business world.”


Brian Chong, Managing Director of Spot, commented: “We just couldn’t believe it when we were announced as the overall winners. We’ve worked really hard on our business idea and I’m very proud of what we have achieved. We are now all so excited about going on to compete in the European finals, and we’re very grateful for being given such a brilliant opportunity.”

Spot will compete in the European finals that will take place in Madrid, Spain in June 2016.