Kia Sportage Support For Deaf Cricket

Kia Motors has continued the ongoing support for the Twenty20 Community Cricket Company and the work they do for deaf cricket. Kia has provided co-creator and team manager Darren Talbot with a Sportage to continue to support his hard work for the team.


Darren commented; “2015 was a fantastic year for Deaf cricket with the launch of the ECB (England & Wales Cricket Board) National Deaf Cricket Centre in Loughborough, which I had the pleasure of running, and the ECAD Lions team becoming a full England Lions team.

“This summer will see four England Lions Deaf matches and Surrey Deaf will once again be entering the Thameside Cricket League having narrowly missed out on the 2nd Division title in 2015. It’s great to see deaf cricket progressing so much and Kia’s support is crucial in making this happen.”


This year the team is looking forward to setting up away matches in the North with Lancashire Deaf Cricket club. They are also focusing attention on their younger start-up players, aged from 14 years old.

The Twenty20 Community Cricket Company provides cricket coaching and runs competitions for players of all ages, abilities and disabilities across England and Europe. They have a strong focus on community based projects to offer cricketing opportunities to those who might not otherwise have received them.