EuroNCAP Has AB Dynamics Robots On Board

BASt, the German Federal Highway Research Institute has bought AB Dynamics’ SR15 Steering Robot and CBAR (Combined Brake and Accelerator Robot), which means that now all seven of the EuroNCAP Laboratories have AB Dynamics’ driving robots on board.

Safest Choice

EuroNCAP is the independent body behind the five-star safety rating system, designed to help consumers and businesses compare vehicles more easily and to help them identify the safest choice for their needs.


The safety rating is determined from a series of vehicle tests, designed and carried out by Euro NCAP Laboratories. AB Dynamics has a long relationship with many of the labs and is proud to be chosen to supply robots for performing these influential vehicle assessment tests.

Highest Quality

Tim Rogers, Managing Director of  UK-based AB Dynamics said: “Having the seventh and final EuroNCAP Laboratory, BASt, on board is a vote of confidence in our ability to supply the best Testing Equipment to ensure the safety of vehicles. We are continuing to provide the means to perform tests efficiently, accurately and repeatably, thereby giving the highest-quality objective data on vehicles.”

Steering Robot

The products that BASt is now using are the SR15 Robot, a lightweight steering robot which allows quick installation to the steering wheel rim without removing the airbag, and the CBAR, a single actuator which can control the throttle and brakes. These robots can be used either as standalone devices or in combination with one another to allow more complex tests to be performed, such as braking in a bend or braking during a lane change.


BASt is also using AB Dynamics’ sophisticated path-following system, which uses positional feedback from a GPS-corrected inertial measurement unit to enable the robots to drive a vehicle along a specified path with a high level of accuracy. The equipment will be used in testing AEB (autonomous emergency brake) and LSS (lane system support) systems on new cars.