Vauxhall Videos Will Help With Fleet Decisions

Vauxhall has enriched its award-winning fleet website to include an industry-first fleet knowledge area with video tutorials to help explain popular fleet terms, helping fleet decision-makers and company car drivers choose their next vehicles.


There is a multitude of complexities to consider when running a fleet of any size, especially for those smaller businesses who might not have the benefit of a full-time fleet manager. For many businesses, fleet management may be combined with the role of an employee in finance, HR or purchasing, for example.


Vauxhall’s fleet knowledge area features a range of helpful short tutorials explaining whole life costs, P11D values and benefit-in-kind taxation, making these complex areas straightforward and manageable for the non-specialist fleet manager.

Cost Effective

Complementing the knowledge area, Vauxhall highlights its business models to offer a shortcut to the most cost-effective vehicles. There’s also an extensive range of tools and calculators to help fleet decision-makers and company car drivers with their choices.


“We aim to provide support for our customers throughout the decision-making process, before, during and after the purchase of a vehicle,” said Paul Adler, Vauxhall’s Fleet Marketing Manager.

“With our fleet knowledge area and industry-first video tutorials, Vauxhall provides relevant tools to help fleet decision-makers to make astute cost-effective business plans, as well as helping company car drivers make informed decisions regarding their own tax liability.”


You can find Vauxhall’s video tutorials here.

You can then access a suite of tools and calculators, including a whole life cost comparison of Vauxhall’s line up versus the competition here.