Vauxhall Onstar On Track For Superstardom

Vauxhall’s personal onboard assistant, OnStar, has recorded over 1.5 million customer interactions across Europe, less than nine months after its launch in August 2015. Currently, about half of new Vauxhall/Opel models delivered in Europe feature OnStar, with customers able to contact a trained advisor using the built-in blue OnStar service button, or the mobile app.


Automatic Crash Response is one of the many innovative features of OnStar, which makes driving more convenient and provides the driver with reassurance. If the car is involved in an accident and the airbags inflate, the driver is immediately connected to a Vauxhall OnStar advisor. A vehicle data report is simultaneously sent to the Service Centre and emergency services will immediately be notified to set off to the scene of the accident if necessary.

Guardian Angel

“Having that guardian angel there is just fantastic,” said Charlotte Tyson about Vauxhall OnStar. Ms Tyson was one of the first drivers in Europe to experience OnStar’s Automatic Crash Response feature when she was involved in a head-on collision last October. As the airbags in Charlotte’s Vauxhall Corsa deployed, vehicle sensors automatically alerted an OnStar advisor, her ‘guardian angel’, who notified the emergency services and stayed with her on the phone until they arrived at the scene of the accident.

Real People

The unique Vauxhall OnStar service, with friendly advisors instead of machines, can also remotely unlock doors, download driving routes directly to the vehicle’s factory-installed navigation system, provide assistance in case of a vehicle breakdown, and send emails on vehicle health. In addition to your personal onboard assistant, OnStar also creates a 4G/LTE Wi-Fi hotspot in your car, with a stable and quick internet connection for up to seven devices.


“The excellent numbers prove that OnStar is a resounding success. Less than a year after launch, our personal onboard assistant is well on its way to becoming the helpful assistant every driver of a Vauxhall passenger car wants to have at their side,” said Tina Müller, Chief Marketing Officer Vauxhall/Opel. “The 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot is a big hit with the smartphone generation, while services such as automatic Emergency Call Service and Roadside Assistance provide everyone with the safety and security they long to have when driving.”