Gumball Rally Car Race Filmed In 360

The world’s biggest car race is about to be filmed through the eyes of professional racing driver Oliver Webb. Car fans will be able to experience the Gumball Rally Regent Street spectacle through an online 360 degree video – “a spherical viewing experience” that will put you in the driving seat.

The Gumball Rally London stage is set to take place on Monday 2 May, viewing in this totally unique way will allow those who can’t make the event or who want to relive the action that much better. You will be able to view the procession at your chosen angle, making it all the more engaging.

Gumball Rally 2016

From Dublin to Bucharest, the 3000 mile journey is in its 18th year running. This international event takes place on public roads and combines cars, fashion, music and entertainment for the community. The 360 degree film is set to capture the Regent Street celebrations like never before.


The exciting film project will be carried out by Birds Eye View Productions; a photography and specialist ground and drone aerial filming company that will bring the audience a spectacular virtual reality experience by doing what’s never been done before.

Here’s a taster of what you can expect… 360 Degree Video

Virtual Reality

360 degree films are also known as ‘virtual reality’ when wearing a headset, giving viewers the ability to select their chosen view by turning their heads or if viewed on a computer or tablet, through the movement of a cursor or rotation of the device, allowing them to view the incredible motion picture from all angles.

Fast Car Fans

By attaching the camera device to the vehicle, Birds Eye View Productions are prepared to show fans of fast cars something they aren’t likely to forget. Just by clicking a link, people will be able to view the event up close and personal and experiencing what it’s really like to be in the driver’s seat! Viewers of the 360 video will be able to immerse themselves in the noise and excitement of the day, starting with the action on Regent Street and the procession of amazing cars.


The celebrity motor event which is sponsored by the likes of MTV and YouTube is expecting huge crowds this bank holiday. With thousands of fans and photographers, the cars will make an appearance from 10am while spectators can await the arrival of the race in the evening.