What is the best road trip vehicle?

Summer’s almost here, so that means one thing: road trip! Whether you’re cruising across the states like Thelma and Louise, gunning around Europe or just up and down the M4 you’re going to want the perfect road trip vehicle for you and your passengers. But what does the ideal road trip vehicle need to set it apart from your everyday car?


Zooming down the highway, the wind blowing through your hair is a very appealing image (just remember to pack a hairbrush!), but some people prefer cruising along whilst drinking in the scenery. Often your attitude to speed changes halfway through your trip when you’re slightly bored of sitting in the car and you want to get to your next destination fast. Your road trip car will need to adapt to your mood, so a car with multiple driving modes would be perfect so you can stay in control whatever happens.


When choosing your road trip vehicle, comfort is key. Your car has to be comfortable whilst driving, sitting, eating and even sleeping (if you don’t make it to the hotel in time). You’re going to spend hours in this car, make sure it’s right for you! Your passengers may want a say too! Are you riding with your kids, your friends or that special someone? All of them will have different requirements. If it’s just two of you, you can opt for the open top 2 seater coupe, but if you’ve got the kids it’s probably not the best option. Something sturdier and warmer with lots of boot space would be better.


One easy way to make sure you have everything, including the kitchen sink, is by driving a motorhome around. You get the added bonus of having your bed and sofa with you at all times. However, as this is bulky and not as stylish as many other road trip vehicles, we’d opt for a car with lots of gadgets to make it a home away from home. In this modern era, you’ll need a car with USB chargers, phone docks, lots of entertainment choices and maybe even Wi-Fi if you’re really worried about getting bored. Portable DVD players for the kids aren’t such a bad idea either, and make sure you download those road trip anthems to your iPod, you’re going to need them! Before you buy your road trip vehicle, make a list of the things you’ll need: everyday clothes, pyjamas, coats, wellies, hiking stuff, activities, lots of food, water and more. You need to get a car that will fit all of this in comfortably so that you and your passengers and squished together for hours at a time.


A road trip, by its very definition will mean a lot of driving and that means constantly filling up with fuel. Don’t get a car that will guzzle up your precious fuel in under an hour, choose one that will last at least a day without filling up so that you can spend less time and money at petrol stations. A car with over 500 miles per gallon would be ideal. The Hyundai Sonata can last over 600 miles on one tank of fuel. That’s the kind of vehicle to aim for!


You’ll be pushing your car to the limits on this road trip, so you will want one that you can depend on. A Hyundai Sante Fe would be a great choice as it’s powerful and quick yet durable. Designed to adapt to any weather, environment or road conditions, it’s totally dependable and very unlikely to break down. The Nissan Juke is also a great choice; it’s relatively cheap and has lots of driving modes to help you on all terrains. This 4×4 has Nissan Safety Shield technologies to help you on your way and heated seats to warm you up on the colder mornings. Your phone can connect to the touch screen so you can use apps and play music, and it has that all important Sat Nav to help you reach your final destination. It has lots of boot space too!

Whatever you get, wherever you go, make sure your car is the right fit for you and your passengers. If your car isn’t right, the road trip will definitely not go according to plan. You’ll be in that car with those people for days at a time, it’s best to start out putting your best foot forward so talk to your local dealer about our new cars that are perfect for road trips today!