Ford Focus RS Review

The new Ford Focus RS is here, and boy does it pack a punch! This new super-hatch can get from 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds making it a powerful car and a serious contender in its class. But what else does it have to offer?


This powerful car has a striking aesthetic, conveying power to whoever sees it. The sleek lines of the body and the bulging wheel hubs all contribute to the sleek yet strong stance of this vehicle. The latest Ford Focus RS may have toned down slightly from previous models, but the huge grille and front splitter gives it an unabashed front end whilst the wing on the back makes it instantly recognisable as a Ford. The design on this car serves one other purpose than making it look powerful, sporty and sleek – it helps cool the fire cracker of an engine as you’re driving to help make sure that it doesn’t overheat. The striking headlamps sit just underneath the bonnet, but they’re not just a fashion statement – they’re smart too! They adjust their lighting pattern as you turn the wheel, so you can see the road in its entirety. The patterns also adjust depending you your speed, environment and road conditions so you’ll have great visibility no matter where you are. The colour palette available for this car is simple yet sophisticated. Whether you choose black, white, grey or even nitrous blue your car will seem more grown up than the luminescent green and orange cars on the road, and this will help greatly with the resale value of this car when it comes to selling it on further down the line. This five door, four-wheel-drive model is a departure from earlier generations but it is definitely still a Ford Focus RS, and is now even more prepared to take you on your journey.


While the cabin quality of the Ford Focus RS may not reach the premium heights of the Audi RS3 or the Mercedes A45 AMG, it is fully equipped and well built. It’s not particularly fancy but it’s perfectly functional and easy to use. The standard seats offer plenty of support, but the optional shell-backed bucket seats might be better for longer drives – and they look the part too! The low seats will make you feel like a rally driver and persuade you to test the car’s (considerable) limits! The Focus RS uses Ford’s advanced hands-free technology Ford Sync. You can control music as well as make and receive calls on your mobile through simple and direct voice commands. The device will even read your incoming texts aloud so you’re not tempted to reach for your phone. For music you can connect any USB, MP3 or iPod, as well as using the Bluetooth function on your phone. That way you and your passengers will have complete control over what you’re listening to – if you can come to an agreement! This car will comfortably fit you and your family, and will serve you well 365 days of the year. And it will get you to your destination that little bit faster if the kids are arguing in the back!

On the road

The Ford Focus RS was tested by Ford in a range of environments; the searing heat of the Arizona desert, the icy plains of the Artic and on the world’s most demanding test tracks. It rated well in these conditions, but it rated even better on English roads and country lanes. The main feature that makes this car so great is the race-inspired ‘Ohlins Tenneco’ suspension, that is slightly stiffened to help keep the car under strict control at all times. Because of this and the highly responsive steering, the car drives well and you feel really connected to the road. The RS uses advanced performance technologies to ensure that you get the smoothest and most powerful drive possible. The all-wheel-drive technology gives you great cornering control whilst the launch control button makes you go off like a rocket. The car also has 4 selectable driving modes:

    1. Normal – Pretty self-explanatory, this is for every day driving and still gives you great control over the vehicle.
    2. Sport – This sharpens the throttle response, weighs down the steering and slightly recalibrates the RDU – giving you a sportier engine sound and steering response.
    3. Track – As the name suggests, this is the perfect mode for a track day. The mode allows more slip and primes the RDU to give maximum traction – therefore the fastest laps are achieved in track mode.
    4. Drift – This mode tells the RDU to send as much torque as possible to the outside rear wheel, allowing you to get the tail of the car out and remain in that slide.

These features are great and are definitely more for the motoring enthusiast than your everyday driver. Sport and Normal mode are plenty good enough for your commute to work or picking the kids up. Track and Drift are more for special occasions.

Our Verdict

Overall this car is comfortable yet sporty. Its powerful 4-cylindar engine takes it to top speeds of 167mph with 345bhp. It’s fun to drive and has a competitive starting price of £29,995. The quick steering of this car is complemented by the firm chassis – giving the car a sense of cohesion and complete control that other cars in its class do not have. It’s fast, fun and focuses on driver enjoyment more than anything else. A car for the driving connoisseurs that also doubles as a family car when needed. What more could you want? If you want to find out more about the Ford Focus RS or any of Perrys new cars, contact your local dealer now!