Perrys Wears The RS Badge With Pride

Ford has an eminent history when it comes to making high performance cars for the average motorist. At the top of the Ford performance tree are cars that wear the RS badge.


These are the fastest and the most mercurial motors that Ford makes. Now after a six-year hiatus, the RS motif has returned in the shape of the all-new Ford Focus RS.


Massive demand for the blue oval’s latest RS means that a mere 500 cars are left to buy in the UK at the moment. This is because Ford initially only planned for 4000 to be sold in Britain – and 3,500 orders have already been made.

Perrys Chairman

Being Perrys’ Chairman has its advantage, then, because Ken Savage, the driving force behind Perrys, is one of the lucky few to drive a Focus RS. Ken’s model is the second only to be delivered from Perrys’ Chesterfield dealership, so he decided to share his passion for the car this week by taking the Focus RS to Perrys’ head office in Northampton.

Focused Team

The arrival of the striking Ford Focus RS at Perrys’ HQ prompted a fight for the keys to let all its horses loose in the spring sunshine. And, thanks to its surprisingly practical five seats, the whole marketing team piled into the eye-catching Nitrous Blue machine to take it out for a spin.


Powered by a significantly modified version of the 2.3-litre Ecoboost power unit found in the modern Ford Mustang, the fresh Focus RS delivers a tremendous thump. The four-cylinder turbo lump produces 345bhp, enough to propel the hatchback from 0-62mph in a speedy 4.7 seconds, and on to a top speed of 165mph. It sends this clout to the tarmac through a hi-tech all-wheel drive system, and it’s this new layout that gives the Focus RS its unique rally car-like ride.


The engine is a real beauty; potent, slick and blessed with a beastly, snarling sound that’s sure to excite anyone who takes a ride in one. That was certainly the case for Perry’s marketing team, who couldn’t stop raving about the new Focus RS after their ride around Northamptonshire.

“We started at a local beauty spot, then cruised down some A-roads with the sunroof wide open and the wind in our hair,” said a member of the team. “A vigilant member of Northamptonshire police ensured that we didn’t reach the 165 mph top speed – we’re saving that for the race track,” they added.


The real scoop here, though, is the price-tag. It starts from just £29,995, and that’s an extraordinarily low price for what you are getting. RS models are special cars, after all, and not just a model trim. They hold their price, too. For example, in 2009, the Focus RS cost £24,995 and resale is around £20,000 now. So, just under £30,000 for the all-new version is a bit of a bargain.

Perrys Pride

Chairman of Perrys Motor Sales, Ken Savage, commented: “Perrys are extremely proud to be involved in the ongoing story of this very special car. It delivers an unbelievable driving experience for the asking price and we wish all of our RS customers many miles of happy motoring.”


The UK has been the biggest market for the preceding Focus RS models, but Ford believes it’s different for the new Mk 3 Focus RS because it’s the first time the car has been offered worldwide. The latest version has sold twice as many models as the Mk2 when compared with the same period in Britain.