Bridgestone Hopes DriveGuard Will Gain Traction

Bridgestone hopes that a UK campaign will gain traction as it launches its new DriveGuard ‘extended mobility’ tyre to the public.


Based on the theme that somewhere out there ‘there’s a puncture waiting with your name on it’, a short film demonstrates how Bridgestone DriveGuard tyres can travel with a puncture, allowing motorists to get to a safe place to have their tyres changed or repaired. The message is delivered through an emotional film production that follows a mother driving her young children on their journey home.


Consumer sales and marketing director Farrell Dolan said: “Bridgestone DriveGuard is a unique new product for the UK and the advertising breaks new ground – targeting young families and appealing to modern family values of safety and peace of mind.”


Bridgestone research shows that 60% of motorists in Europe have had a puncture in the last 4 years. Bridgestone DriveGuard is now the first tyre of its kind that is not restricted to a factory fitment on specific brands or car models. It can be fitted on almost all cars equipped with a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), now mandatory equipment on all new models in Europe, and offers drivers the ability to continue driving after a puncture.

With its reinforced sidewalls and proprietary cooling fin technology, Bridgestone DriveGuard tyres give drivers additional peace of mind – reducing the risk of an accident caused by a puncture and avoiding the extremely inconvenient and risky business of changing tyres on the road side.


Bridgestone will air the campaign across Europe as well as the UK, with TV spots across France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Social media will engage consumers with a quiz contest linked to a DriveGuard mini site. A family oriented cinema flight and shopping mall activations will boost awareness locally.