Citroën Sunroof Inspires Arsenal Football Club

Citroën and Arsenal Football Club have announced a unique new partnership, never seen before in sport. The French car manufacturer, known for its creative approach to technology and innovation, has inspired Arsenal Football Club to install the world’s first retractable sunroof at the club’s Emirates Stadium.


Inspired by the Citroën C1 Airscape roof, and with building work due to commence at the end of the 15/16 season, the development is part of the ‘Arsenalisation’ project, a scheme that aims to make the 60,000 seater stadium the best in the world.


In keeping with the C1 Airscape’s aesthetics and exceptionally large sunroof, the stadium roof will be made from nearly 9,000 metres of red canvas, be able to open and close in around 11 seconds, and operate in an identical fashion to the C1 Airscape roof.


Featuring the latest technology, the new Emirates Stadium roof promises to benefit both players and fans. For players, avoiding sun-in-the-eyes is likely to save between 4 and 6 goals a season, while climate control will help improve player stamina. Fans will not only be able to watch replays through a projection on the roof, but one lucky Arsenal fan will be given the chance to decide and control whether the roof should be open or closed ahead of each game.


Arsenal Football Club’s Vice Captain, Per Mertesacker, said; “This is a great opportunity for the Emirates Stadium to reinforce its status as the best stadium in the world. With the new sunroof we can control the hydration levels of the players and how much sun we are exposed to. Our sports scientists say it will improve our stamina around eight percent.”


Rufus Rouge, from Citroën’s Head Office in Paris commented; “At Citroën, we are committed to designing technology with people in mind. As the official automotive partner for Arsenal Football Club, we are therefore excited by the new roof inspired by our design technology, that will not only enhance the fan experience, but ensure a more pleasurable game for players, come rain or shine.”


The Emirates Stadium sunroof will be officially opened on 1st April 2017. To learn more about the retractable sunroof at Emirates Stadium, watch the video here: