Smell Triggers Favourite Car Memories

Whether it’s the whiff of the oily rags that accompanied your dad’s tinkering, or the salty air of a family drive to the seaside, there’s nothing quite like the power of smell to trigger the memory of our favourite cars.


But if it was possible to combine the scents of the nation’s fondest motoring memories into a single fragrance, just what would it smell like? Well that’s exactly what Insurance company, Carole Nash is trying to find out!

Working alongside fragrance professionals AromaCo, the insurer is looking to the nation’s drivers to tell them the scents which they’ll use to create “Old Car Smell” – the ultimate sensory reminder of Britain’s motoring history.


To ignite the search, the insurer has enlisted the help of Channel 4’s Car SOS host Fuzz Townshend, who has provided the first two scents that will be included in the final aroma.

The classic car specialist said: “When I was growing up my uncle used to drive an old car and the interior smelt like a pungent mix of his pipe smoke and the rich leather seats. Ever since, those scents always take me back to the family drives that used to accompany his visits – I have so many fond memories connected to the heady atmosphere of that car.”


Dawn Holmes from the Classic vehicle division of Carole Nash said: “Whether your idea of a classic car smell is lukewarm tea poured from a thermos or the odd scent of a slightly broken electric heater, we want to hear from you. Using Fuzz’s experience we’ve started the journey and now we want to hear what car owners have to say so we can create the ultimate ‘Old Car Smell’ which encompasses the nation’s favourite memories with their cars into one nostalgic fragrance.”

To help Fuzz and Carole Nash get it right, send your memorable scents and register your interest in ‘Old Car Smell’, please visit –