Renault’s Scénic Celebrates 20 Years

Renault’s game-changing Scénic is celebrating 20 years of providing millions of families with innovative, forward-thinking transport. It continues to be the benchmark in the competitive compact MPV sector that it created back in 1996.

Family Motoring

Since its introduction, the Scénic has become synonymous with family motoring at its very best, selling over five million examples that have engaged all occupants in a travel experience built on freedom and discovery to be enjoyed together.


Set to be unveiled on 1st March 2016 at the Geneva Motor Show, the fourth-generation Renault Scénic will continue the legacy of its predecessors, taking inspiration from the dynamic R-Space concept car unveiled in 2011 and fusing the requirements of modern family use with sensuous, sporty styling and a functional design.

Original Concept

Perfectly illustrating Renault’s pioneering approach to motoring and vehicle design, the Scénic was conceptualised as early as 1988 by then Design Director, Patrick Le Quément. In 1991 the idea of a small, family MPV was moved forward with the unveiling of the Scénic concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show ¬– its name being short for ‘Safety Concept Embodied in a New Innovative Car’. Five years later the Scénic was officially launched and with its introduction came the establishment of a brand new sector of vehicle –the compact MPV – and a host of technological advances that would feature in future Renault production vehicles.

Car For Living

Ingeniously designed and even developed with the help of Renault employees’ children in order to highlight optimum storage space for items inside, the new Scénic had vast appeal to families who required a ‘car for living’ that combined space, versatility, safety and an element of fun for all its occupants. Such was the success of the Scénic that other manufacturers quickly followed suit and the compact MPV soon became a key vehicle sector, proving so when the softly-styled Renault was voted European Car of the Year in 1997.


Continuing to strike a successful balance between an estate car and people carrier, the Scénic was redesigned in 2003 – the second-generation model building on the success of the original with even more user-friendliness and innovative design coupled with the availability of five or seven seats. Again, the Scénic was at the forefront of its sector, making travel more leisurely for parents and children alike and, in particular, scoring five stars in EuroNCAP tests to make it the safest vehicle in its category.


The current third-generation model arrived in March 2009, continuing the formula of its predecessors but now with more emphasis on elegance and travelling comfort and convenience. The latest Scénic and larger Grand Scénic provided the perfect opportunity for those who crave versatility but who do not wish to compromise on style or motoring pleasure. Once again, it reaffirmed its class-leading status with such highlights asbest-in-class knee room in the second row, the most generous third row in the compact MPV segment, the biggest storage volume around the cabin of up to 92 litres, and another maximum five-star score in EuroNCAP crash tests.

Now, with the official unveiling of the fourth-generation model just days away, the success of the ever-popular Scénic is set to continue for many more years.