What is the Perrys Easy Drive Service Plan?

The Perrys Easy Drive Service Plan is the smart way to keep your car in immaculate, safe working condition without breaking the bank.

Perrys dealerships are leading national providers of car servicing, with expert staff on hand to ensure that you get the most for your money. And our Easy Drive Service Plan will shield you from a lump-sum financial outlay, enabling you to spread the cost of servicing through regular monthly payments.

Perrys only use expert trained technicians

Keeping your manufacturer approved service history complete and up-to-date doesn’t only help to ensure your car stays in tip top condition. Almost half of used-car buyers will overlook a car that doesn’t have a full service history should you decide to sell, and it could also increase the value of the sale by up to a quarter (£1,772 on average). Perrys only use fully qualified, manufacturer-trained technicians, to ensure that your car is comprehensively serviced and maintained.

Spread costs from as little as £9.99 a month

Our Easy Drive Service Plan helps you to manage your costs in a way that suits your lifestyle. We can create a bespoke plan, just for you, enabling you to pay a set monthly amount to match other regular monthly outgoings such as gas, electricity and car insurance.

We’ll work out a quote based on the duration of the service plan, your average mileage and your car’s service schedule. You can take out a plan whether you have just purchased a new car from Perrys, or have had the car for a number of years. And, should you decide to upgrade your vehicle before the end of the plan, the balance can be transferred on to your new vehicle.

Our monthly payments start from as little as £9.99 per month, and the agreement will be frozen at the time of signing to prevent your costs from rising, enabling you to beat inflation.

Our Easy Drive Service Plan is not a finance agreement

There’s a whole host of benefits that our Easy Drive Service Plan has over traditional finance agreements, such as:

  • You save towards the fixed servicing costs of your vehicle
  • Your plan is based on a 12-month payment cycle
  • You receive accrued funds if the plan is terminated before the expiry date (minus an admin fee)
  • We’ll notify you of any additional work required before it’s undertaken, giving you choice

Car servicing facts

Servicing your car can be confusing, requiring an understanding of both technical specifications of the car and the types of servicing centres on offer. Perrys aim to make this process simple, even for those with little-to-no technical knowledge.
Here’s some things to consider before signing up:

Why is servicing my car so important?

  • Servicing helps to keep you safe by preventing mechanical malfunctions
  • Regular servicing helps to keep the car in good condition over time
  • Maintaining a service schedule adds value when it comes to selling your car
  • It could also help you save on insurance premiums, and even fuel costs
  • It requires a technical expertise and equipment that most car owners don’t have

What is checked when my car is serviced?

Two types of service are available, interim service and full service. An interim service is generally carried out every 6-months or 6,000 miles, and should check the following:

Oil Battery Condition
Oil Filter Replacement Charging System
Brake Fluid Exhaust System
Anti-freeze Coolant Tyre Tread and Pressure
Windscreen Wash Full Brake Check
Power Steering Fluid Steering Check
Lights Shock Absorbers Check
Windscreen Wipers Suspension Check

A full service should be conducted every 12,000 miles or 12-months, and should include all of the above as well as the following:

Auxiliary Drive Belt Check Brake Fluid Condition
Wheel Alignment Check Fuel Filter (Diesel)
Wheel Bearing Check Spark Plugs (Petrol)
Wheel Balance Air Filter

With so many variables to consider and such value at stake, why not call in the experts at Perrys keep you safe and secure on the roads?

If you’re looking for more expert advice on the Perrys Easy Drive Service Plan, or any other financial options we can offer to help you buy a car, drop in at your local Perrys dealership today.