London Classic Car Show Will be Star-Studded

Renowned petrolheads Jodie Kidd and Suzi Perry are joining The Great Debate on the star-studded opening night of this month’s London Classic Car Show (18-21 February).


Kidd and Perry will be teaming up and maximising their automotive knowledge as key members of a high-profile panel trying to solve the long-running conundrum: which nation really has produced the world’s greatest cars?

Car Love

“It’s one of those wonderful deliberations that’s run late into many long nights,” acknowledges Kidd. “I’ve always had a deep-seated love for Italian cars but, equally, could make a strong case for a number of other countries. America has its muscle cars, Germany its high-tech luxury limos, France its quirky style and Britain, of course, is the home to great marques such as Jaguar. The more I think about it, the tougher the decision is going to be!”


The eagerly-anticipated Great Debate, which Perry will host, will be one of many highlights in a packed programme of high-octane entertainment on Thursday’s glittering Preview Day. As well as providing show-goers with lots of fuel for thought, The Great Debate will act as the perfect prologue to the Classic Six Nations Cup – the public’s opportunity to vote for its own favourite car-making nation.


To help visitors decide, ten celebrated classic cars have been selected to represent each of the American, British, French, German, Italian and Japanese automobile industries. And it’s these illustrious flag-wavers that will be parading up and down the central Grand Avenue – an automotive catwalk stretching the length of the show allowing visitors to see, hear and smell these standout machines in motion.


The six competing teams will first rev up during the official Opening Ceremony in the build-up to The Great Debate. A series of head-to-head heats will then follow on Friday and Saturday, with show-goers voting for their favourites. After all those votes are counted, Sunday will stage fifth and third place play-offs before the afternoon’s Classic Six Nations Cup Grand Final. The winner of that will be crowned the world’s greatest car-building country, thus settling all arguments.


It promises to be an enthralling tournament featuring some truly great cars. Britain has its pin-ups including, as mentioned, legendary models from Jaguar. With so many motoring marvels on the runway, the Classic Six Nations Cup is going to be all the more enticing… and conclusive.