Name The Crash Test Dummy

Being a crash test dummy is not a fun job and Beaulieu’s newest National Motor Museum guide doesn’t even have a name!

What’s In A Name?

Now is the time to make an impact by choosing one for him. Clever names have already been suggested: from SID (Side Impact Dummy) and CRABI (who tested child seats) to popular dummy characters Vince and Larry, whose job was to drive home American road safety messages.

Vital Role

But you can pick one which is even better for Beaulieu’s crash test dummy, who sits all day in the museum’s ‘Driving Change’ display, to tell visitors fascinating facts about how safety has evolved with motoring innovations and technology throughout history. Crash test dummies have played a vital role and helped save thousands of lives since they started work in the 1940s. Now even more advanced, they are fitted with hi-tech sensors and some are even part of whole crash test dummy families.


You can learn a lot from a dummy and the addition to Beaulieu is an important part of its new-for-2016 interactive display. The dummy deserves a good name and if you come up with the winning entry you will be rewarded with a special pass to come back and visit him at Beaulieu as often as you like throughout the year.

To enter, visit for more details and send your chosen dummy name, together with your own name, age and contact details to The competition closes on Friday, March 18.