Keep Up The Pressure And Save Cash

Keeping your company vehicles’ tyres in the best condition can help save thousands on your annual fuel bill.


According to supermarket fuel card provider, fuelGenie, if a tyre is under inflated by one bar below the manufacturer’s recommendation, it can increase fuel consumption by 6%. Research suggests that over 7% of commercial vehicle tyres are running on pressure more than 20% below the manufacturer’s recommendation, which can significantly hinder vehicle performance.

Fuel Economy

Fuel consumption costs are thought to fall by between 2% and 15% when your tyres are correctly fitted and inflated. Therefore to ensure your business isn’t paying unnecessary fuel costs it’s important to check tyres at least once a month for smaller vehicles, and before every long trip.

Steering and Braking

When tyres are underinflated, steering and braking distances can be affected, too. Grip is decreased on the road surface and can lessen the lifespan of your tyres and increase the likelihood of an accident.

Claire Alderson of fuelGenie said: “Fuel can often be a company’s biggest expense and regularly checking tyre pressure each month could really help businesses to save. It’s not just helping out with fuel economy, an under inflated tyre will wear down more quickly and you’ll be faced with a replacement cost much sooner.”