Driving Home For Christmas

It has been revealed there will be travel chaos today (December 24th) at 11:42am, as 9.9 million drivers set off on the long drive home for Christmas.


Annual gridlock has become one of many festive traditions we’ve learnt to stomach, just as we do with awkward small talk with distant relatives and overcooked Brussels sprouts.


While Christmas is often assumed to be a family affair, over a quarter (26%) of those polled in a recent study will be driving to celebrate festivities with friends instead. More traditionally, the results also showed that 34% will be driving to visit parents. But it’s not just the offspring doing all the work, as a similar number (32%) of parents will be driving to see their children this Christmas, too.

Driving Home For Christmas

Nearly a third (29%) of the nation will be travelling more than 50 miles to celebrate festivities, while those from York will be travelling furthest, with 28% driving 90 miles or more to get ‘home’ this Christmas. No matter which loved ones we’re travelling to see, it seems many of us (67%) are doing so with our significant other, and over a third (36%) of festive-travellers will be driving with their children in tow.


While for many of us, the festive season means quality time with family and friends, sadly, one in ten (11%) polled said they won’t be going anywhere, as they have no-one to visit. A further 12% of those staying at home said they wouldn’t even be contacting anyone, let alone visiting; a stark contrast to the 68% of respondents who said they’d be picking up the phone instead of driving elsewhere.

James Wilkinson, of  Zuto, who commissioned the poll, said of the results: “It’s really heart-warming to see that many of us are still taking the time out of the festive season to travel to see loved ones, even if it means sitting in gridlock en route.”