10 top Christmas presents for your car

Winter is the season of long, dark evenings, muddy boots, and the remnants of snow – now turned to grey slush. That poor car gets left out in all elements, and is buffeted by rain, wind and snow on even the most mundane of drives. Isn’t it time that you treated your car like the member of the family it really is? Well, now you can, by splashing out on one of these novel gift ideas that will bring a little festive cheer to your driving experience.

Here’s our pick of the Christmas presents for your car:

Car windscreen cover

Journeys tend to take longer in winter, and one of the major culprits is ice on the windscreen. The combination of liberally splashing on de-icer and scraping away with blue hands is enough to make you regret leaving the house – however, a magnetic car windscreen cover can prevent that frozen layer from building up, leaving you free to simply turn the ignition and go.

Key finder fob

We’ve all been there: struggling out the door with a mound of Christmas presents only to realise your keys have vanished from your pocket. To save from pulling the whole house apart in a valiant search effort, why not invest in a key finder fob? A digital fob is attached to your keyring, and you keep hold of the receiver. You can then set off an alarm on your key or track them on your smartphone for a stress-free driving experience.

Winter-proof floor mats

No matter how many times you tell kids to wipe off their feet to save you from visiting the valet, the message is unlikely to get through. All-season rubber floor mats are a great way to keep that new car feeling beyond winter, protecting your carpets in a rubberised cocoon that can be easily washed down after a muddy walk.

Silica dehumidifier bags

You might have kept the kids’ muddy boots off your carpet, but what to do with all those soaking wet clothes? A silica filled dehumidifier bag will keep all the wet clothes in one place and slowly suck out the moisture to save the upholstery from water marks and stop your entire car from smelling damp.

Mud flaps

The combination of mud and slush from the road, combined with the salt from gritter lorries, can play havoc with your bodywork. They might not save you from visiting the car wash until the spring, but mud flaps can keep your bodywork cleaner for longer, and help prevent the corrosive effects of salt.

Pine needle winter wax

To finish off your bodywork protection for the festive season, pine needle-scented winter wax is a durable carnauba wax that will both shield and waterproof your car’s outer shell. Plus, you have the added bonus of a car that smells like Christmas.

Bluetooth infotainment system

The fog is thick and you’re trying to co-ordinate meeting up with your entire extended family – but you can’t use your phone. You can solve this dilemma, as well as providing a novelty Christmas soundtrack, by using a Bluetooth Infotainment System to synchronise your phone with your car’s speakers.

DVD player

Meanwhile, the proximity of Santa is causing the kids to play up in the back. You can settle them down and grab some peace by stashing a DVD player in your car. Simply stick on The Grinch or Home Alone 2, and you’ve got yourselves a couple of hours of blissfully silent driving.

In-car espresso maker

Yes, you heard it right. There’s now a handy gadget that will let you make coffee in the car. It plugs in to your 12V charger and percolates directly into the mug, helping to warm you up after a winter walk or stay alert on those dark winter evenings.

Winter survival kit

A winter survival kit is a must driving in adverse conditions. If your car hasn’t yet been treated to one, this would make the ideal gift to keep your beloved wheels on the road. Make sure you’re ready for winter by ensuring it includes everything from ice-scrapers and anti-freeze, to non-perishable food, a first aid kit and digging equipment.

These Christmas presents should make your winter driving more fun and safe. For a complete winter health check, or to treat yourself to a new car this Christmas, why not call on the experts at your local Perrys dealership today?