Vauxhall Triumphs At Film Festival

Vauxhall Motors’ film tribute to its historic manufacturing plant, featuring 50 years’ of Griffin-badged cars sliding, jumping and two-wheeling through the Ellesmere Port factory, has won Best Commercial Film at the London Motor Film Festival.

50 Years of Ellesmere Port

Produced by evo Film, 50 Years of Ellesmere Port ( beat entries from Bentley, Land Rover and Ford to win its category at the world’s premier automotive film festival.

Thank You

Released at the end of 2014 as a thank you to the staff at Ellesmere Port for 50 years of continuous car production and five million vehicles built, the film stars a fictional factory test driver, Ellesmere Pete, and charts his increasingly ambitious techniques to prove the strength and durability of the cars his colleagues build. Pete goes from a Beatle-loving, Viva-driving apprentice to a worldly-wise, Astra-jumping expert during the two-minute film, which has a bespoke soundtrack reflecting popular music styles from the Sixties through to the Noughties.

“This was one of the most challenging films we’ve ever worked on,”  said Nick Trott, evo Film’s Executive Producer. “Vauxhall press office came to us with an intriguing idea that we developed and refined collaboratively. Shooting high-speed driving sequences in a live factory, culminating with an epic jump-shot took a huge amount of planning and technical prowess on the part of evo Film. Vauxhall were extremely brave to see this through, and showed real faith in the project.”


Vauxhall’s press office was buoyed by the success of an earlier creative brief they’d given to evo Films last year, which celebrated the launch of the new Vauxhall Vivaro van ( The film went viral within a week of being released and continues to be popular with YouTube viewers to this day.

50 Years of Ellesmere Port was another great collaboration between evo Film and Vauxhall’s PR team,” said Simon Hucknall, PR Manager for Vauxhall Product & Heritage. “Nick and his highly-skilled crew took our fantasy storyline and crafted from it a sharp, exciting and humorous film with Hollywood-grade production values that does real credit to the passionate folk at Ellesmere Port. We’re so pleased that it’s been recognised in such esteemed company.”