Christmas is coming! This week on Facebook

Christmas is coming.. The trees are going up!

With less than one month to go until Santa makes an appearance down our chimneys our dealerships feel that it’s time to dig out their best decorations to give the showrooms that festive feeling.

Our Canterbury dealership don’t hold back on their decorations; here we have them with several boxes overflowing with decorations! Why don’t you take a trip to your local dealership and see what festive decorations they have?

1 month to go until Christmas and it’s time to get the decorations out at Perrys Canterbury

Posted by Perrys Canterbury on Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Movember Stache!

With November nearly over it’s time to see how our sales execs have got on with their stache growth! Our Huddersfield Sales Execs have gone all out on the styling of their staches!

Wanted! If you’ve seen this bunch of mustache wearing men, please get in touch. Innocent? Not a chance!

Posted by Perrys Huddersfield on Wednesday, November 25, 2015


A personal favourite of ours from the Huddersfield Sales Exec’s is Armando Armillei’s horseshoe look. What do you think? (As a treat, here’s a close up for you!)

Celebrity spotting.. Well kind of!

Professional racing driver Paul O’neill was spotted filming for one of our YouTube videos in our Mansfield dealership and Sales Exec Lee Hodson was a little starstruck.. And what do you do when you’re starstruck? Take a selfie of course!

Had a nice surprise visitor today at our site in Mansfield

I’m sure some people will know who it is.. #btcc

Here’s a cheeky selfie with one of our sales executives Lee Hodson with Paul O Neil

Posted by Perrys Mansfield on Tuesday, November 24, 2015