Kia Charity Walk

Kia staff have been following a fit and healthy lifestyle, by walking 33,318 miles on a ‘Grand Tour of Europe’ for six weeks.

Step on

The Kia charity walk was calculated in different ‘legs’ of the tour, with teams each walking the distance between the Kia headquarters in the following countries: Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, France and UK without leaving Walton-on-Thames. Every step was counted by Fitbits© given to 160 employees, allowing team members to set themselves targets each week and measure their performance across the tour.


As a further incentive the company agreed to contribute for every mile walked in those six weeks. In total 33,318 miles – that’s 70,367,827 steps – were counted. This resulted in Kia donating £33,000 to its local charity – Walton Charity, who matched the sum to create a total fund of £66,000 for a brand new scheme ‘The Kia New Futures Fund’.

Jackie Lodge, Chief Executive at Walton Charity said: “Kia have continued to show outstanding support for our Charity. Last year Kia staff took part in a ‘Walk to Seoul’ and raised £40,000 towards the purchase of a new home to provide accommodation for those facing housing difficulties.”

Jackie Lodge continued: “The Kia New Futures Fund will focus on improving the lives of disadvantaged children, young people and their families in the local area and we will be releasing the application process shortly. Over the coming months we will keep Kia updated as to how these funds have made a positive impact in the lives of these young people.”

Gary Tomlinson, General Manager of HR at Kia stated: “The enthusiasm from the company that went into this event was very rewarding. Teams were out walking at every free opportunity – which helped to increase a healthier lifestyle within the workplace. Adding on the fact that it was all for a great cause made the whole event a massive success.”

Now that the Grand Tour of Europe is over, staff at Kia will continue to contribute to Walton Charity as they have done throughout the year. Current activities include painting local sheltered housing properties, contributing towards the food bank and donating items to a local Winter Shelter supported by Walton Charity – bedding, clothing, kitchen items as well as toiletries and board games are all on the list.