Fiat’s Winter Campaign

This year’s Fiat Chrysler Automobiles winter check campaign, for cars more than six months old, has been launched with a new web-based animated video.


The video, called ‘Hello Winter’, describes the pitfalls of leaving winter car servicing to chance and encourages owners to take up the offer of a Mopar Winter Check by trained FCA technicians.

Safety and Reliability

The offer covers all safety and reliability essential checks including lights, brakes, battery, radiator, tyres, suspension and steering, while key winter driving tips are suggested to owners, to emphasise the focus on driving safety during the cold months.

“We are serious about promoting our brand ethos of: ‘There. Always by your side’. It means genuine care and commitment to our customers every time they drive their cars,” says Mark Redley, Marketing Programmes Manager, FCA UK. “Through our iCONNECT CRM system, we will be contacting more than 70,000 customers with this winter offer.”

Winter Conditions

The video is a simple ‘storyboard’ animation describing how a car owner, who neglected his vehicle last winter, was left “broken down and stranded”. This year, the cartoon character says, he has had its Winter Check done and is prepared for the season’s treacherous driving conditions.

“To get the message across we needed something more than text and a couple of images,” adds Mark Redley. “So we created the storyboard concept. We recognise the benefit of multi-channel and mixed media communication, to drive web traffic and engage customers current, past and future.”

The video is available to view here: