Mental Fitness Drive Launched

Automotive charity, BEN, is launching a series of far-reaching new campaigns designed to raise awareness of key health and wellbeing issues, encouraging people to access the charity’s wide range of support services.

Mental fitness

The first campaign, which launches this month, focuses on mental fitness and dealing with problems that may impact on people’s mental wellbeing.  The charity also aims to help employers support workers who may be struggling by raising awareness of its support services.  A series of emails, posters, online resources and a social media campaign will encourage people to Speak To Ben if they are experiencing problems.

“One in four adults and one in ten children experience mental health problems every year, but it’s not talked about in the same way as physical illness.  We want to help remove the taboo around mental health issues and encourage anyone who is struggling to ask for help,” explains Yvonne Hignell, BEN’s Support Services Director.

“While this is not an issue that is unique to the automotive industry, our role as the industry’s support network means it is vital people know they can call us for free and confidential help, Yvonne continued.  “Employers often struggle with how to support employees who are experiencing problems, so it’s important that they know we are here to help them too. We’re focusing on being mentally fit for this campaign but we can also help with financial issues, relationship breakdown, health problems and any other challenges people are facing.”


People calling BEN’s free and confidential helpline will reach sympathetic, experienced Support Officers who offer access to a range of services designed to deliver long term solutions. Mental health issues can range from depression, stress and anxiety to eating disorders and addiction.  The root of the problem may not be mental health itself, it could be financial pressures, bereavement or a relationship breakdown that lead to a deterioration in mood, emotional turmoil and an inability to cope. BEN can provide counselling, access to bereavement support and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as well as advice on where to go for help and support.

“No-one is immune to life’s struggles and it’s often the strongest people who are least likely to ask for help,” explains Yvonne.  “We would encourage anyone experiencing problems to call BEN.  You are not alone and there are people here who care and can help. Don’t forget we offer help to your family too, so whether it’s you, your partner, parent or child who needs help, call us.”

Join In

BEN is urging all automotive companies to support the campaign by internal promotion and is providing free resources to use in the workplace to drive awareness. Contact BEN’s marketing team on 01344 298 122 for more information. Future campaigns will focus on physical wellbeing, financial health and social issues such as loneliness and isolation.

BEN’s free and confidential helpline number is 08081 311 333.