Trunk or Treat – top ideas to decorate your car for Halloween

Whether it’s a flappy-panel gear change or infotainment system app, there’s always a new fad in the motor industry. But the latest craze for car owners is a little bit different – it’s creative, it’s spooky, it’s Trunk or Treat.

Car owners around the world over have been clamouring to deck their boot space out with pumpkins and fake cobwebs in time to display in the driveway for Hallowe’en next week. In honour of their creative efforts, we’ve compiled a list of the top ideas for redecorating your car in time for the night of frights.

Spooky Graveyard

You’re going to need some serious space to fit all those ghastly ghouls and their graves. Big, bold, rugged and spacious, the iconic Land Rover Discovery 4 is the ideal canvas for you start work on. Like the undead, Land Rover models are more than familiar with mud, but the Discovery 4 also offers up to six passengers a luxurious interior and ride quality that won’t leave your bones rattling.

To complete the look, lay down a brown blanket as a base layer, stick some cardboard gravestones out at jaunty angles, use twigs as low-hanging branches, block out the windows to make it appropriately dingy and finish off with a generous mesh of fake cobwebs.

Mad Scientist’s Lab

Whether splicing animals together or fashioning Frankenstein’s monster, mad scientists have to be brash in their designs. The Nissan Juke is a unique way of sewing together the best of the supermini and SUV, with a face that will turn heads wherever it goes. The Juke comes complete with new tech including trip computer and TPMS, while – just like Frankenstein’s monster – it’s great at running through towns.

You’ll need the right combination of bubbling beakers, gauges, dials and spooky skeletons to get this look just so. To avoid creating a fire hazard, think of things like water-based air ionisers instead of beakers. Add some copper piping and silver baubles as your fake electronics and you’re a Trunk or Treat winner.

Mystery Machine

One for those feeling ambitious. You’ll obviously need a van, but it might take a little longer to find something that’s mid-size, with a sliding side door, customised to your tastes and reliable enough to not break down in front of a haunted fair ground. Ford’s new Transit Custom gives you all this and more. With a 5-star safety rating and tight turning circle for town driving or narrow escapes, it was no surprise to see Ford’s latest model scoop up International Van of the Year.

To give it a real Mystery Machine makeover, you’ll need to paint the whole thing in that distinctive mix of aqua blue and green, before capping off with a few far-out flowers and decals. While the interior won’t take you long, the Scooby &co. costumes have the power to make or break this concept.

Monstrous Mouth

First, you’ll need a convertible that has been designed for speed, such as the Mazda MX-5 or Ford Mustang. The Mazda MX-5 2015 has certainly had car-enthusiasts chattering of late, having just been awarded Best Cabriolet at the annual Auto Express awards ceremony. Meanwhile, it’s hard to underplay how momentous Ford releasing their new Mustang in right-hand drive really is.

Possibly the easiest Trunk or Treat design to master: park your convertible backwards, pop the boot (mouth), open the doors (ears), leave the roof half unfolded (hair) and you’re almost there. Finish off with some dinner-plate sized googly eyes, comical cardboard teeth and a long piece of red carpet with a pot of sweets on the end (if you’re feeling generous) for the tongue.

If you’re looking for a new car to help run away from all those Hallowe’en nasties, contact the experts at your local Perrys dealership today.