Judy Joo

One of Korean cuisines rising stars – Judy Joo will be cutting a dashing profile at her London restaurant thanks to Kia.


Her contemporary Korean restaurant, JINJUU has received a Kia Optima from Kia Motors UK to assist in the collection and delivery of fresh Korean specialist food every day to and from the London restaurant.

Former ‘Iron Chef’ and TV presenter Judy Joo said “It’s great to be backed by another high profile Korean brand, especially now that the food trend is gaining more popularity than ever before. We consistently aim to produce outstanding service, and a brand new car will assist greatly in this”.

Steve Kitson, Director of Corporate Communications at Kia stated “We are very happy to be helping out JINJUU restaurant in any way that we can. Kia is all about changing perceptions and being modern, and Judy’s innovative take on Korean cuisine fits in well with our brand motto.”


As a regular face on the Food Network USA, Judy has especially made a name for herself as the only female on Iron Chef UK. She was also offered a role as a resident judge on ‘The Next Iron Chef’, ‘Iron Chef America’, ‘Kitchen Inferno’ and competed in the epic ‘Battle Iron Chef UK’ vs. ‘Iron Chef America’, making her one of few participants to serve as a chef, judge, and challenger throughout the Iron Chef series.