Drink Driving

As the Rugby World Cup kicks off this weekend with millions of fans set to watch the home nations, a road safety charity  is calling on all rugby fans to help tackle drink driving.

Plan Ahead

Brake is appealing to everyone attending games or watching them in pubs to plan ahead to ensure they and their friends can get home safely, and pledge to stay completely off the booze if driving.


Drink-driving remains one of the biggest killers on UK roads. One in seven British road deaths results from crashes where the driver was over the drink-drive limit. A further estimated 65 road deaths per year are caused by drivers who are under the drink drive limit, but who have significant amounts of alcohol in their blood.

Zero Tolerance

Gary Rae, campaigns manager, Brake, said: “As a charity that supports bereaved and injured road crash victims, we witness the suffering that drink driving inflicts, and appeal to everyone to help put a stop to it throughout the Rugby World Cup and beyond. Drink driving deaths and injuries are cruel and needless, ending and ruining lives and leaving traumatised families to pick up the pieces. It’s a fact that even small amounts of alcohol increase your risk of crashing. During the Rugby World Cup we are urging drivers to commit to not drinking any amount of alcohol if driving and to ensure they and their friends can get home from watching matches safely.”

“To stamp out the menace of drink driving, we need the government to introduce a zero-tolerance drink drive limit, rather than asking drivers to do the impossible and guess if they are safe to drive. The law needs to make it crystal clear that drinking any amount of alcohol makes you a danger at the wheel. We also need the government to give greater priority to traffic policing, so we have a suitably strong deterrent.”

Brake campaigns for a zero-tolerance drink drive limit of 20mg alcohol per 100ml blood through the Not a drop, not a drag campaign, as well as greater priority and investment in traffic policing.