2015 SEAT Leon Eurocup

The 2015 SEAT Leon Eurocup reignites this weekend at the Nürburgring circuit. After the summer break and the first half of the season with races run at Paul Ricard (France), Estoril (Portugal), Silverstone and Red Bull Ring (Austria), the international series once more gathers speed at the historic German layout that kicked off the 2014 campaign.


Reigning champion Pol Rosell (Baporo Motorsport) leads the standings but only by a slender margin of six points over Stian Paulsen (Stian Paulsen Racing). They are followed in the classification by Mikel Azcona (PCR Sport) in third spot. For her part Lucile Cypriano (JSB Competition), the first female to scale the podium and mark a ‘Pole’ in the single-make competition, continues to front the Ladies Trophy category and is chased by Andrina Gugger (Target Competition).


These protagonists form part of a starting grid of 30 drivers from 16 different nationalities that will feel the full performance and potential of the SEAT Leon Cup Racer. With 330PS, these cars will tackle the spectacular and renowned Nürburgring, where the acclaimed series kicked off in 2014. Sixtenn months later, the SEAT Leon Eurocup comes back to German soil as one of the international references for single-make trophy competitions with around 30 entrants listed for every weekend of racing.


The Nürburgring is some 5,148 metres in length with various undulations and is one of the fastest tracks on the calendar. It uses seven left hand turns and ten to the right and has some special characteristics known by the majority of the drivers. In fact, last season Paulsen celebrated his first SEAT Leon Eurocup victory there and also took a third place. Julien Briché (JSB Competition), Manuel Gião (Baporo Motorsport) and Fran Rueda (Monlau Competición) also climbed ‘the box’ during the same weekend last year.

“Next weekend we can again enjoy the thrills of the SEAT Leon Eurocup. We are all looking forward to getting out on the track after the summer hiatus and to do it at such an historic motorsport venue like the Nürburgring gives extra motivation. Ahead, we have two races left and some intense fighting in order to lead the championship currently headed by Pol Rosell, although only by six points over Stian Paulsen. It’s exciting because the mechanical ‘level playing field’ of the SEAT Leon Eurocup means there are constant changes to the lead in every race. At the Nürburgring there will be no letting up,” commented Jaime Puig, Director of SEAT Sport.

Classification 2015 SEAT Leon Eurocup:

  • Pol Rosell (#1), Baporo Motorsport; 56 points
  • Stian Paulsen (#34), Stian Paulsen Racing; 50 points
  • Mikel Azcona (#6), PCR Sport; 39 points
  • Julien Briché (#3), JSB Competition; 32 points
  • Fran Rueda (#28), Monlau Competición; 29 points
  • Alexander Morgan (#22), Baporo Motorsport; 24 points
  • Mario Dablander (#61), Target Competition; 21 points
  • Shane Anthony Williams (#8), Wolf-Power Racing; 15 points
  • Jordi Oriola (#33), Target Competition; 15 points
  • Loris Hezemans (#50), Target Competition; 13 points
  • Jonathan Cocker (#8), Wolf-Power Racing; 11 points
  • Lucile Cypriano (#9), JSB Competition; 11 points (LT)*
  • Norbert Kiss (#15), B3 Hungary KFT; 5 points
  • Mauricio Hernández (#10), Target Competition; 5 points
  • Manuel Gião (#2), Baporo Motorsport; 4 points
  • Andrina Gugger (#24), Target Competition; 2 points (LT)*
  • Thibaut Mourgues (#5), Thibaut Mourgues; 2 points
  • Jürgen Schmarl (#11), Target Competition; 1 point
  • David Cebrián (#4), Monlau Competición; 1 point