Car Makers All Join Together for the Big Frankfurt Send Off

London saw a unique gathering of top executives from across the motoring spectrum join together yesterday in celebration the UK car industry and to officially send off all the delegates and cars for the Frankfurt Motor Show.


The Frankfurt motor show is not only one of the biggest motor shows in Europe, it is actually one of the biggest in the world, This highly influential display of cars is not just somewhere for people to wander round pointing and taking pictures. It is a show ground for every major brand in the industry and a place to launch new and updated models in front of the press. To say it is a big deal is a massive understatement, bringing a brand new model to Frankfurt means putting it in front of the world’s motoring press and hoping they like it. As you will have seen, there is a lot of leaked information about cars prior to shows like this but that is often just so the maker can gauge the press response before the full launch. If things look bad it gives the brand time to decide how to deal with it, if things look good then it’s all just extra PR.


Yesterday saw a wide range of representatives from many major automotive brands get together along with the Business Secretary Sajid and 10 of the most exciting cars to be heading over to the show. The aim of this little gathering was to not only celebrate to contingent heading out to Germany but also to take some time to highlight how strong the British involvement in global motoring now is. The brands themselves were not all British, but each one has invested heavily in the UK  and produce products in UK factories. Each car on show was created using significant British skills and factories from design and research to the actual building processes. There were family cars, luxury sports cars and many in between in this showcase of British talent and clear global investment in the UK economy. 


The 10 cars on show included the ultra popular Nissan Qashqai which is built in the brand’s Sunderland plant in record breaking numbers. Also on the stand was the Range Rover, a car that needs very little in the way of introduction, and the Jaguar XF both of which are built in the UK. Bentley, Aston Martin, Mini and Toyota also appeared in the list as well as the brand new Vauxhall Astra which is heading off to Germany for its full official launch.

This list of cars may seem arbitrary but each one represents a significant investment in the UK economy, and this investment has happened because of how good the UK is at putting together and designing cars. The success of the UK motoring industry is showing no signs of letting up and with that neither is the investment.